Use VOIP to Make Free Long Distance Phone Calls

Conventionally phone calls were limited to PSTN and mobile initiated calls. With the advent of technology people across the globe can now benefit from phone calls initiated through a computer at home, office or wherever it has the capability to access the Internet. Thanks to VOIP which has been able to support the growing communication needs of consumers worldwide. Now there is no need for you to pay heavy phone bills every month. Just enjoy the seamless connectivity and communicate using VOIP enabled applications all the time. Depending upon your needs you can either take a paid service plan or avail free VOIP services like Skype to conference with your social circle or business unit teams across the locations.

There is a myth that VOIP is a complex technology and might need special equipment to connect to the Internet. And some might even think that this communication breakthrough is only meant for business users. All these motherhood statement are false. VOIP is meant for everyone who loves to communicate with people through rich media - audio visuals. It is a mega cost saver for home users who can communicate with their near and dear ones in no time and more cost effectively than PSTN or mobile phones.

Sometimes users complain about jitters while in video chat or conference mode. Latency of information is another drawback of VOIP enabled applications. Overall, it will take some more time for the technology to mature. However, in its current form it is usable and might provide breakthrough communication solutions for business and home users. So what are you waiting for? You computer has now been energized by the VOIP and give it a try. I'm sure you would behind its couple of limitations and start appreciating what it has to offer to users on the go.

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