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Is Your PC Infected with a Virus - Top 5 Anti Virus Programs
By Richard Seng

Site Security Articles
September 17, 2007

Virus infections can be the curse to your computer system. What do you need to do to prevent and correct a virus that is on your computer.

What to Do if Your PC is Infected From lethal infections to simply frustrating ones, virus infections are the curse of computer users. Once you’ve recognized the symptoms, what can you do about it?
Don’t Panic - Almost every computer is infected with a virus at one point or another. Quick action and caution are necessary. There are two types of computers—those that have been infected with a virus, and those that will be infected with a virus soon.

Use VOIP to Make Free Long Distance Phone Calls

Conventionally phone calls were limited to PSTN and mobile initiated calls. With the advent of technology people across the globe can now benefit from phone calls initiated through a computer at home, office or wherever it has the capability to access the Internet. Thanks to VOIP which has been able to support the growing communication needs of consumers worldwide. Now there is no need for you to pay heavy phone bills every month. Just enjoy the seamless connectivity and communicate using VOIP enabled applications all the time. Depending upon your needs you can either take a paid service plan or avail free VOIP services like Skype to conference with your social circle or business unit teams across the locations.

anti spam software

The anti-spam tools correspond to different classes of products depending on whether they are installed on the server or on the PC. The anti-spam server software is considered more efficient and superior in terms of quality, yet it can only be achieved with a serious investment, more costly monthly fees to pay. Anti-spam server software is generally used by large companies or corporations that want to prevent unwanted mail messages from reaching their employees. There is 99% protection and detection of spam with the most technically advanced programs. Another issue of main concern for business is that it should not prevent the passage of legitimate mail messages.

The Best Phone System By Sarah Nabila

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