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With the advent of the Internet, network marketing has forever changed. Just ask anyone who has tried doing network marketing the “old” way and then found a way to leverage themselves through the Internet.

But, even though the Internet is the most powerful invention ever introduced to humankind, there are still some “naysayers” who make it seem like building your network marketing business through the Internet does not work.

Why would they say this? After all, there are thousands of people who have successfully built world-wide network marketing organizations using the Internet. In other words, the proof is in the pudding so to speak.

Well, Internet network marketing has gotten a bad rap among some network marketers because of the way people often abuse the Internet. You see, the Internet is simply a tool that can be used to connect with 100x more people in 1/100th the amount of time. It is an Inter-Net of people… seems natural that Net-work marketing would fit into it, right?

But, like any powerful tool, the Internet can be abused. There are some Internet network marketers who insist on “hiding” behind their computer. They completely take out the relationship aspect of the business. In doing so, they have a horrible attrition rate.

Network marketing is built around relationships. In fact, it is often referred to as “relationship marketing”. Can you build a relationship when you connect with someone via the Internet? Of course you can! You can email them, pick up the phone and talk with them, and eventually meet them.

It is very important to understand that the Internet is a tool that allows you to connect with many more people and build your business that much faster. You cannot substitute technology with relationships. It will never happen.

I once heard a seasoned network marketer say that one phone call is worth 100 emails and one face to face meeting is worth 100 phone calls.

So, if you use the Internet properly you can really leverage yourself and build a big network marketing business a lot faster. Just remember to use the Internet as a way to enhance your network marketing business NOT as a substitute for building life-long relationships.

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